Couples Counselling in Langley

Couples who come to see Dr. Mike Dadson are often very motivated, love one another deeply and want their relationship to work. Dr. Dadson finds there is usually a “gap” in their communication skills or styles, and there are things that need to be said but are not due to previous breakdowns or the communication “gap”. Dr. Mike Dadson will facilitate communication so that both partners understand each other and then facilitate steps to help resolve the conflict between them. Dr. Dadson helps couples get at the root cause of their issues and deepening intimacy through emotional understanding. “Once couples have acquired the necessary skills during counseling, and positive communication is established, they are often surprised their partner isn’t that far away from them and their reconnection occurs” Dr. Dadson comments.

Due to Dr. Michael Dadson’s speciality in working with men, Dr. Dadson can share with a man’s partner, the difference in communication and processing styles. Couples are then able to find a more authentic connection between each other.

Life is difficult so being in relationships is also difficult. Being in it for the long term takes ongoing adjustments, insight and effort. Dr. Dadson relates “for many couples, the thought of participating in couple counselling is almost as frightening as allowing their marriage to fail but I regularly couples find they can enjoy the process”.

Gottman and Gottman are two of the world’s leading researchers on relationships. The Gottman’s have discovered several indicators of a troubled relationship they have labeled “The Four Horsemen”: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling. Once these negative elements enter your relationship, the very foundation of your relationship can be at risk.

Dr. Michael Dadson’s philosophy of practice is to work closely with you so that you can find your way back to one another with effective communication from a place of love and genuine caring for the other person. Working with you, Dr. Mike Dadson will provide a combination of narrative, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching in order to help you achieve the health and well-being that you want to achieve.