Father and Child Relationship Counselling in Langley

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson), is highly specialized in the area of father and child relationships. Many of Dr. Mike Dadson’s university years were spent researching fatherly relationships and emotional childhood injury. To read about Dr. Dadson’s research finding on “The Influence of Fathers’ Involvement on Sons’ Health” click here.

Once a newborn arrives, parents realize very quickly the demands to raise a child. However, long months of precious little sleep, and caring for an infant who can’t verbalize their needs in language we understand, can take its toll.Most parents don’t have the luxury to spend every moment with their child.

Previously, research into child development did not recognize the significant role fathers played in the development of their child. However, an abundance of research is now confirming the importance of a fathers role in the cognitive skills and long term, emotional well-being of their child.

With counseling, Dr. Michael Dadson can help fathers’ and parents to better cope with the daunting task of raising a child by understanding their past parental relationships, learning new skills to cope with the behavior and demands of a young child or a teenager.

If you are looking for a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) with a depth of success and experience counselling in the area of father child, parent child relationships, or you need to address your parenting issues, contact Dr. Michael Dadson.