Humanistic Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

“AbrahamMaslow and Carl Rogers aretwo important founders in the development of the Humanistic therapy approach”, identifiesDr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson).

Humanistic therapies emphasis the fundamental value of human dignity, identity and self-direction. This approach emphasises values such as, respect, autonomy, integrity and the human growth potential as we approach each individual Dr. Mike Dadson’s, approach with humanistic therapy, is one of genuineness, acceptance and unconditional positive regard for his clients. Trusting that the direction for healing, growth and fulfillment live within each person and can be activated within an optimal environment.

Dr. Michael Dadson explains why Humanistic Therapy is distinctly different from psychoanalytic therapy. Dr. Mike Dadson indicates the basis for the humanistic theory, “is the study of the whole person and the distinctiveness of each unique individual”.

Dr. Mike Dadson summarizes Maslow and Rogers“self-actualisation” theories in simple terms“humans, have an innate directive energy within them to meet and fulfill their needs, with the ability to pilot our emotions to attain our full potential”.

“When we grow up experiencing enough empathy, compassion, acceptance and nurture, our mistakes, faults or moral failures are framed with enough of the right stuff to keep us growing. ”, Dr. Dadson reports. Growing without fear of being perceived as bad if we do something wrong, is like having clean air to breath that helps keeps us healthy even in toxic situations.

Dr. Dadson, will provide a non- judgemental accepting space that respects you as your primary agent to explore how you want to change and grow. He aims to help you focus on walking with you as long as it takes to help you accept yourself, generate more value for you and those you love. Dr. Dadson seeks to enhance your own relationship with yourself so that you can learn how to provide unconditional self-love, self-worth and self-compassion in your own time and without imposed restrictions such as “we are only acceptable if certain terms or conditions are met”. “Sometimes it is enough to just like ourselves enough for today.”

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