Counseling in Brookswood, Langley

Types of Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Counselling (also known as therapy),in Brookswood, Langley is available at Dr.Michael Dadson’s clinic Gentle Currents Therapy. in the relaxed community of Brookswood, Langley in the lowermainland. Counselors, counseling psychologists, or therapists, assist, support and guide individuals, couples and/or families, in their emotional journey through therapy . As is typical with trained counselling professionals, counselors or therapists may vary in their areas of therapy expertise. In a safe, relaxed and accepting atmosphere, for men and women and their children, counsellors or therapists will be able to provide depression counselling, anxiety counselling, stress counseling, men’s issues and men’s mental health issues counselling, relationship or marriage counselling, anger management counselling, dissociative disorders, and trauma counselling.


Neurofeedback Therapy in Langley

Neurotherapy is a treatment that’s different from other psychological and psychiatric options.

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Low Energy Neurofeedback System in Brookswood, Langley

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS). The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is offered by Dr. Michael Dadson at Gentle Currents Therapy.

Evolving over the last 16 years, LENS is administered at a positive offset frequency from a person’s own dominant EEG frequency. For more information on LENS treatment, click here

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Brookswood, Langley

CBT has become a widely accepted and preferred treatment method for a variety of mental health issues. CBT works on the basis that the way we interpret life’s events affects how we behave and, ultimately, how we feel. More specifically, CBT is a problem-specific, goal-oriented approach that involves a person’s active involvement.

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on how a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect their feelings and behaviors.

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Emotionally Focused Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) is a therapeutic approach based on the premise that emotions are key to identity.

This type of therapy assumes that lacking emotional awareness or avoiding unpleasant emotions can cause harm. Dr. Michael Dadson, qualified in EFT can help people seeking assistance with a range of concerns. Dr. Dadson may help people learn to become more aware of their emotions.

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Humanistic Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Humanistic Therapy is distinctly different from psychoanalytic therapy.

According to Bland and DeRobertis, (2018)

“Humanistic psychology emphasizes individualized qualities of optimal well-being and use of creative potential to benefit others, as well as the relational conditions that promote those qualities as the outcomes of healthy development. It offers an alternative to mechanistic and/or reductionistic psychological explanations based on isolated, static elements of observable behavior or mental processes.”

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Integrative Counseling in Brookswood, Langley

Integrative counseling, also known as Integrative therapy, is a proven and successful treatment in counseling.

According to Psychology Today, “Integrative Therapy is a progressive form of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With an understanding of normal human development, an integrative therapist modifies standard treatments to fill in development gaps that affect each client in different ways. By combining elements drawn from different schools of psychological theory and research, integrative therapy becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of psychotherapy.”

Psychology Today further tells us, “There is a growing agreement among psychotherapists and researchers that no single psychotherapeutic approach can be effective and appropriate for all patients, problems, and contexts.”

As a clinical counselor and psychotherapist, Dr. Michael Dadson uses therapies that are best suited to you and your individual needs.

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Motivational Interviewing in Brookswood, Langley

The Treatment Improvement Protocol-Center for Substance Abuse Treatment defines Motivational interviewing as “a technique in which you become a helper in the change process and express acceptance to people. Motivation is essential for progression in addiction treatment, while lack of motivation can serve as major hurdle.”

Harvard Medical School’s, Mental Health Letter states

Sixty years ago, the psychologist Carl Rogers introduced a new approach to psychotherapy, designed as a contrast to the behavioral and psychoanalytic theories dominant at the time. Unlike behavior therapy, the Rogers approach does not emphasize action over feeling and thinking, and unlike psychoanalysis, it is not concerned with unconscious wishes and drives. At first he called his method nondirective therapy, later client-centered and person-centered therapy.

Motivational interviewing is similar to person-centered (or humanistic) therapy where Dr. Michael Dadson becomes a person of support, allowing you to make choices and arrive at your own conclusions without feeling outside pressure to do so.

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Person Centered Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Carl Rogers work to develop Person Centered Therapy began in the 1950’s. Rogers believed that in order for a client’s condition to improve, therapists should be empathetic, genuine and understanding.

Person-centered therapeutics develops a quality relationship with the client through humanistic dialogue in order to facilitate change in a client’s mental health and well-being.

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Prolonged Exposure Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Prolonged Exposure Therapy is often used to treat trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder commonly known as PTSD.

According to the American Psychological Association, this type of therapy “teaches individuals to gradually approach their trauma-related memories, feelings and situations. Prolonged exposure is a specific type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that teaches individuals to gradually approach trauma-related memories, feelings and situations.”

Dr. Michael Dadson is highly specialized in the treatment of trauma and PTSD.

A counseling session with Dr. Michael Dadson begins with understanding your past experiences and a review with you of treatment approaches that will suit you in counseling.

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Trauma Focused Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

According to The Center for Health Care Strategies, Trauma Informed Care, focuses on “What happened to you?” Rather than “What’s wrong with you?”.

It is important to have a complete understanding of a client’s life history to understand their life picture.

Northwestern University’s Scool of Medicine’s-The Center for Child Trauma Assessment Services and Interventions, states

“Trauma-Focused Therapy is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes and emphasizes understanding how the traumatic experience impacts a child’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This type of therapy is rooted in understanding the connection between the trauma experience and the child’s emotional and behavioral responses.

The purpose of trauma-focused therapy is to offer skills and strategies to assist your child in better understanding, coping with, processing emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences, with the end goal of enabling your child to create a healthier and more adaptive meaning of the experience that took place in his/her life.

Dr. Michael Dadson details his extensive experience in his biography, identifying success in trauma treatment and recovery. Dr. Dadson understands the impact of trauma to your life, your family and friends.

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Individuals Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

Individual Therapy is your opportunity to receive personal support on a one-on one bases with Dr. Michael Dadson. Anger management, addiction, stress, coping, anxiety, marriage/couples difficulties, trauma or other life issues can be addressed during individual therapy.

Psychosocial therapy, psychotherapy, talk therapy, therapy and counseling are all terms used to reference individual therapy.

California State University identifies how goals, counseling sessions and frequency needs are determined:

“In general, the goal of psychotherapy is to talk through mental health concerns and help clients heal, grow, and move toward more productive, psychologically healthy lives. Good therapy is client-driven, and specific goals for therapy will be determined by you and your therapist.”

In a safe, caring, and confidential environment, Dr. Dadson can help you identify symptoms, the underlying root cause/s of your issues to provide strategies for changing unwanted thoughts, feelings and or behaviors.

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Family / Marriage Counselling in Brookswood, Langley

Families can be difficult and come in different shapes and sizes. Some families are blended, some are single parents. Everyone is navigating their daily challenges, individual parenting style, sibling rivalry and squabbles. Teenage behaviour issues, potential addiction issues, possibly the special needs of a child, balancing a career, navigating finances and the family future, all impact the dynamics of managing and raising children.

This is not a complete list of issues parents, and families encounter, but each plays a role in our mental health and general well-being of our family.

Often, these issues cause a family to become dysfunctional. King University identifies the characteristics of a dysfunctional family. as:

A dysfunctional family is one in which conflict and instability are common. Parents might abuse or neglect their children, and other family members are often forced to accommodate and enable negative behavior. In some cases, dysfunctional families can be the result of addiction, codependency, or untreated mental illness.

Marriage and Family Therapist, Todd Creager looks at the signs when coming from a dysfunctional family.

Dysfunction can be woven into many other more serious issues including abuse and trauma. Unfortunately without intervention there are impacts across a life time. This video link gives insights to understanding more about the impacts of dysfunction and childhood trauma on health across a life time

Invest in the future of your family. Families who become dysfunctional can seek counseling to recover.

If you or your family are experiencing conflict, have communication issues, are experiencing dysfunction or abuse, please contact Dr. Michael Dadson here about counseling needs specific to your family situation.


Couples Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

People are increasingly challenged by marriage and relationship issues. How can we bridge the gap to understanding our partners better and enjoying romantic bliss?

Understanding your partner’s needs, perspectives and external family dynamics, can be difficult to navigate. For many couples, the thought of participating in couple counselling is almost as frightening as having their marriage fail.

Relationships are difficult. Long term relationships require patience, perseverance and the commitment to work through complex issues when they arise.

Dr. Michael Dadson does not necessarily believe that all marriages can be salvaged, but counselling can often help even some of the most challenged relationships. In counseling, it is not uncommon for couples to soon remember why they fell in love and what they can do to rebuild, strengthen, and enhance their relationship.

Dr. Michael Dadson’s philosophy of practice is to work closely with you so that you accomplish your goals in therapy. Dr. Dadson provides a combination of narrative, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching in order to help you achieve the health and well-being that you want to gain.

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