Person-centered Therapy in Brookswood, Langley

“Carl Rogers work to develop Person Centered Therapy, began in the 1950’s. Rogers believed that in order for a client’s condition to improve, therapists should be empathetic, genuine and understanding”, states Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson).

Person-centered therapy focuses on a person’s own ability to attain growth and fulfilment.
Dr. Mike Dadson relays, “Person-centered therapeutics develops a quality relationship with the client through humanistic dialogue in order to facilitate change in a client’s mental health and well-being”.

Dr. Mike Dadson identifies the core elements of person centered therapy as:

  • Empathy-Your counsellor strives to understand your perspective
  • Congruence-Your counsellor relates to you as a genuine person
  • Unconditional positive regard-Your counsellor is non-judgemental about your thoughts or beliefs
  • The basic trust that each person, when provided with an optimal environment, has the resources within them to reach their potential.

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