Relationship Issues Counselling in Langley

Entering into cohabitation or a long term, committed relationship means merging your life with another person. Being committed to understanding his or her partner’s point of view can be a challenge at times. People are increasingly facing marriage and relationship issues or breakdowns, especially in the trying times of today. Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson), believes it’s“important for couples to know they can acquire skills to understanding our partner, and reigniting what initially brought them together”.

Common issues and areas of concern that arise in a relationship:

  1. Arguments-Rules must be established for arguments,allowing each other to time out, no use of foul language,and staying on track, not going off into another area of conflict.
  2. Communication
  3. Moving or growing apart
  4. Infidelity
  5. Traumas
  6. Feeling Under Appreciated
  7. Sex
  8. Money

Dr. Mike Dadson does not necessarily believe that “all marriages or relationships can be salvaged through counselling”. However, Dr. Dadson has watched “some of the most challenged relationships benefit from what they learn and discover in counselling”. Each individual in the relationship can remember why they came together, and absorb new communication skills they can apply to achieve a happier relationship together. If a relationship must end, it makes sense to close a relationship with dignity and respect while setting up the best future outcome for both individuals and possibly their children.

As a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) who works to support and resolve issues couples may be experiencing, consider reaching out to Dr. Michael Dadson.