Suicide Counselling in Langley

If you know anyone who has talked about suicide, you can reach the Suicide Prevention Line by calling 833-456-4566 in Canada. In Canada, crisis services are available by also texting 45645. If someone you know or love is depressed it is important to determine if they are having suicidal thoughts.

The Canadian Psychological Association suggests more than 7,000 people in Canada die by committing suicide.

Signs to look for if you have concerns about someone committing suicide:

  • They have been suffering from depression for a period of time
  • Talk about death or suicide
  • Acquiring things to carry out suicide
  • Giving away prised personal possessions or making out a will
  • Previous suicide attempts
  • Recent, death or a significant loss in a person’s life
  • Social withdrawal
  • Neglecting personal appearance
  • Increased use or abuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs